1937-39 Willys Headlight Conversion Tech West Coast Willys Club

Bill Jansen  a longtime early Ford and Willys hot rodder and car builder, a charter member of this list and a Headlight Guru as well, decided to make another headlight conversion on his '38 Willys coupe fenders. He had previously done a conversion, but was not happy with it, deciding that maybe it might be nice to have slightly larger sealed beam headlights like the 7 inch sealed beam headlights which come on the Morris Minor. Knowing that Morris Minor Headlight area was very similar to the Willys, he obtained the necessary Morris Minor sheet metal and headlight assemblies and began the following headlight conversion on his current '38 Willys Coupe Project.........Follow on with the pictures......the written specifics to accompany these conversion photos will be forthcoming from Bill.........Should you have any questions before he can get them to me for the page, you can reach Bill down in Shoalhaven Heads, New South Wales, Australia via e-mail at willys@aapt.net.au

Willys rule or if you can't handle that Cabovers haul, ok


Updated Finishing photos of the Morris Minor Headlight Conversion on Bill's bitchin '38 Willys Coupe